Classroom Activities

FIDM provides classroom projects as a supplement to high school curricula, created to give students a chance to learn subjects in an entertaining way. The activities challenge students on a variety of topics, providing an opportunity to learn new skills, such as how to conduct research, develop a marketing plan, design products, and debate one another. The projects call for teamwork, which creates an environment for fostering personal growth. Each activity consists of an objective, project guidelines, warm-up and follow-up exercises, and suggested materials. All state and national standards are included as well.


FIDM offers high school classroom presentations as a free service to educators and students.

In the states of Washington, Arizona, and California, high school educators can schedule a classroom visit from a professionally trained speaker to give any of these 18 presentations on subjects ranging from government and economics to art and foreign language. The material is based on current high school curricula (and in some cases, the textbook used in class) and approaches subjects in a fun, engaging way.

Presentations are routinely updated to stay current.

View the full list of our presentations.

Games that Teach™

Games That Teach™ are designed to supplement lesson plans with fun, fact-based quizzes on the fashion industry—from economics and retail stats to the history of fashion.

These games are to be used by the instructor as stand-alone learning tools that can fit into academic coursework. The games encourage participation and challenge students to tap into their existing knowledge, creating a stimulating learning session for the entire class.