The Fashion Business Game

Beginning with an introduction to careers in fashion and beauty, this game provides fun questions and answers about the retail fashion industry.

Fashion Industry Dynamics and Global Production

model of today’s successful fashion business relies heavily on its understanding of world cultures. The *Fashion Industry Dynamics and Global Production* game is designed to pose cultural questions in a fun interactive way that leads to stimulating discussions about other cultures and doing business aboard.

Fashion Muses

This game is designed to inspire students to use their historical knowledge and apply it to fashion. It is meant to show the relevancy behind studying history and the application of this knowledge. Students will see illustrations of historical fashions in a contemporary context and will be asked to deduce answers about these garments and accessories. The stronger the students knowledge of history, the greater the likelihood of winning the game.

The Making & Marketing of Fragrances

Students will learn about the exciting field of perfumery through the “Fragrance Buzzwords” game. The answers to the game are embedded in a fun visual presentation conducted by the classroom teacher along with slide notes to increase the teachers knowledge of this subject. There is also a vocabulary list to develop students’ language when speaking about fragrances.

Star Struck: The Game that Combines Celebrities & Fashion

Style matters! From Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to David Beckham and Jay-Z, famous names populate this interactive game that leverages students’ interest in celebrity culture to help them learn how it impacts brands, costume design, and trends.