Grants for High School Teachers

Funding For Classroom Projects

In an effort to support educators’ efforts to enhance high school students’ academic experience, FIDM offers seven Classroom Grants each semester. Public and private high school educators in all subjects are eligible to apply.

Applicants for a Classroom Grant are asked to propose an activity or project, to take place within a projected time frame, that connects their curricular area with one of FIDM’s majors. The proposed activity can be located either on or off the high school campus, as long as the activity involves or benefits one or more students in some way, directly or indirectly. We are open to interesting and creative ideas. The goal of this Grant is to challenge educators to consider new approaches to teaching and to infuse the students’ academic experience with actual career experience.

Up to $500 is available per grant. Applicants who do not receive a grant are encouraged to re-apply in a subsequent semester.

I would like to apply for the Classroom Grant.